Targeted Therapeutics

The application of microbubbles and ultrasound to deliver nanoparticle carriers for drug and gene delivery is an area that has expanded greatly in recent years. Under ultrasound exposure, microbubbles can enhance nanoparticle delivery by increasing cellular and vascular permeability. In the Dayton lab, the underlying mechanisms of enhanced nanoparticle delivery with ultrasound and microbubbles and various proposed delivery techniques are studied.

Schematic of commonly used drug attachment strategies in microbubble mediated drug delivery.


(a) Drugs can be dissolved in a secondary oil layer using a multilayer microbubble construction.


(b) Therapeutic agents can be seeded within the thin encapsulating shell.


(c) Nanoparticles or other therapeutics can be attached to the outside of the shell, such as tethered to PEG chains

Updated 7/6/16