Male Contraception

 This project is led by Dr. James Tsuruta.

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    We hypothesize that applying ultrasound to the testes from a therapeutic ultrasound instrument can result in a safe, reversible and long-term period of infertility for men.  (Therapeutic ultrasound is used in physical therapy of muscle injuries and operates at higher power than imaging ultrasound - because therapeutic ultrasound systems do not include the required hardware or software for imaging, they are small and inexpensive.)


    By simply adapting existing technology, we develop a non-hormonal method for blocking sperm production that is inexpensive, can be administered by community health volunteers, and can be translated quickly into an approved product.  Most contraceptive strategies have focused on hormonal manipulation of female fertility; men have traditionally only had access to barrier methods or vasectomy which are not accepted in many contexts.


    Developing ultrasound technology as a contraceptive provides a non-invasive, painless method with very low compliance requirements and increases the range of choices available to men wishing to share responsibility for family planning.

Updated 7/6/16